2013 Ones to watch

2013 Ones to watch

 Sunday, January 13, 2013

Embracing the four Y’s

Yoni Epstein is looking forward to his second happy landing. The second time, we reckon, will be a lot easier.

Epstein and his wife Lisa gave birth to Island Outsourcers six months ago and hit the ground running in the quest to “show clients why Jamaica has the reputation of being one of the best near-shore outsourcing options in the world”. This as a result of the advanced telecoms infrastructure, experienced workforce, low attrition rates, cultural affinity, proximity to North America, and significant savings to customers.

delivering a biological bundle of joy, is to expand their 11,000 sq ft-facility to a self-contained 20,000 sq ft- state-of-the-art Contact Centre. There are, too, plans to expand outside of Jamaica.

Expect to hear more on their four Y’s: quality, integrity, reliability and family. Epstein, wearing the hat of chairman of the Business Process Industry Association of Jamaica, will bring more awareness to Jamaica as the near-shore destination to meet outsourcing needs.

Yoni Epstein


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