“Epstein amongst the awarded Outsourcing Power 50 – Visionaries, Advocates and Architects in the Americas.”

Yoni Epstein, CEO of Island Outsourcers and President of the Business Process Industry Association of Jamaica was amongst the 50 awardees named the Power 50: Architects, Advocates and Visionaries for the Business Process Outsourcing Industry in the Americas. The Nearshore Americas Power 50 features dedicated professionals who are committed to the growth and development of the nearshoring industry. Ranked 23 out of the 50 awardees, Epstein is ecstatic to be amongst the selectees specifically the few Caribbean representatives elected. The selection came from 16 different countries in the region including Dominican Republic, Barbados, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Unites States of America, Canada amongst others.
The selection process incorporated the personal impact that an individual has on the growth and visibility of the outsourcing sector in the Americas, record of achievement in their own organisation, dedication to raising the industry standards and performance and finally, showcasing leadership in supporting the industry by participating in trade promotion activities, educational and training development initiatives and leadership in media engagement.
Yoni established his family-owned Jamaican-based company – Island Outsourcers Limited in March 2012. IOL offers inbound and outbound solutions, contact centre and back office operations, customer service and sales. The corner stone principles to Epstein business include quality, integrity, family and reliability. In September 2012, Epstein demonstrated leadership in canvassing other industry players in establishing an industry association to act as the premier national entity geared towards improving the operating and regulatory business environment, to assist member companies as a group in positioning the interest of the industry, and to help promote and enhance the image of the business sector in Jamaica, the region and globally. Prior to his achievement, Epstein served 12 years in the contact centre management at Sandals and Beaches contact centre – Unique Vacations Limited where he managed over 400 employees in 5 countries simultaneously.
Epstein seeks to continue his efforts in developing Jamaica’s ICT/BPO industry to its full potential. To date as President of the Association, the BPIAJ established a consultative mechanism allowing BPO/ICT operators to articulate issues affecting their operations and performance and working assiduously with the Government of Jamaica in ensuring those issues are corrected, for instance the passing of the Cyber-crime legislations to eradicate the current fraudulent activities plaguing the industry. The Association has also coordinated and facilitated ease of access to fingerprinting and police record on the Free Zone and is working with key partners in developing a turn-key incubator to aid small and medium sized enterprise (SME’s) start-ups develop.