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CEO at Island Outsourcers

23 yoni epstein island outsourcers Nearshore Americas Power 50 2013

Epstein wears two influential hats – as leader of an emerging BPO operation (Island Outsourcers) and, during the last year, as founder member and chairman of the newly formed Business Process Industry Association of Jamaica.

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The Official List of Most Influential Executives in Nearshore Outsourcing

It is often said that outsourcing is a people business. And in this newly released 2013 Nearshore Americas Power 50 ranking, we see first-hand that the people inside the ‘war room’ of the Nearshore business community are hard-working, ambitious and focused, almost obsessively, on operational excellence. In other words, the Nearshore industry didn’t get to where it is today by accident.Success in outsourcing requires tremendous attention to detail. Requirements have to be filled. Clients have to be reassured. And high-performing professionals need to be hired, retained and rewarded. Cities and countries need to be educated on the enriching opportunities of outsourcing, and policies have to be built to make the whole system perform at a level that is unfettered and fluid.All these things happen because real people devote big parts of their lives to make the Nearshore a reliable place to do business. They also continue to win business and influence
the direction of deals amid intense competition from national and international rivals.We congratulate the winners of this, the third annual Power 50 Ranking. We especially salute the top ten finishers, who have achieved noteworthy milestones in the short history of Nearshore outsourcing. We hope their exemplary work continues, and we hope that all the winners recognize their impact on an industry that is still finding its way, and still calls for leadership and vision. 

- The Editors at Nearshore Americas

Editor’s Note: It should be noted that the Power 50 is entirely based on nominations from you, the reader. We rely on the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community to inform us. If you feel key executives are ‘missing’ from the list, then make it a priority to participate and make your nomination next time. We hope for maximum engagement and count on readers to participate!