Freeport Call Center CEO addresses Chamber of Commerce

President and CEO of Island Outsourcers Call Center Yoni Epstein

President and CEO of Island Outsourcers Call Center Yoni Epstein

The island’s newest venture, the Island Outsourcers Freeport Call Center’s CEO, Yoni Epstein addressed persons at the Chamber of Commerce’s Monthly Business Meeting at Pelican Bay Hotel yesterday.

Shedding light on the job of a call center along with its benefit for the nation and its success abroad, the company’s owner said the new venture could stimulate much needed growth on the island.

” What we do as a business and what our intension are here in Grand Bahama as the newest business process outsourcing company and an industry that can be a true growth projection for not only Grand Bahama, but The Bahamas,”  he said.

However, four Ys: quality, reliability, integrity, family were highlighted by Epstein as he said they were key components to his company.

” We brought that family spirit here to Grand Bahama and to our organization here when we were hiring individuals,”  he said.

” In business everything is about motivation, if your team members are motivated … coming from the top down, mountains can be moved and a lot of things can happen in business, and people are willing to see the success of it because they feel as though they are a part of the family, they feel as though they are a part of the success,”  Epstein continued.

Pleased with the remarkable growth of his company that began its journey in Jamaica, Epstein revealed its success.

” We have over 200 persons that work within our group between here and Jamaica and we’ve had 171 percent growth in 2013 calendar year in Jamaica. We were also given an award in the Montagu Bay Free Zone,”  he said.

Epstein went on to say, “When you look at the sector in Jamaica there are over 14,000 persons that work in the sector in Jamaica and we were able to have the highest percentage growth beating out some of the biggest companies in the world in BPO “services, like Xerox and Tele-performance.” 

Next up for the business owner, he said plans are looking up as hundreds of major companies are set to join both sites here and in Jamaica for business.

” We have some big Fortune 500 companies that we are talking to that we’re bringing, actually, to this site in March on this year as well as our Jamaican site,”  Epstein concluded.

Prime Minister Christie is set to be in attendance for the company’s official launch today at 3 pm.