itel-BPO lands new US-based client

EPSTEIN… itel-BPO is seeking motivated individuals to join the company in providing high-tech services to new US-based client

LOCAL outsourcing company, itel-BPO Solutions, has landed a new US-based client. The new contract will see the sister company to Island Outsourcers add 100 jobs in Jamaica. Itel-BPO currently employs 350 persons between its operations in Montego Bay and Grand Bahama.

An additional 100 employees will be hired by next March, increasing the outsourcing company’s staff complement to 550.

Since yesterday, the company has been hosting a job fair at its new offices located at the Cazoumar Free Zone to recruit new staff.

“Motivated individuals with interest in joining an internal organisational culture that is employee-centric and focuses on charity, family, employee advancement and engagement” are being targeted, according to a press release issued on Wednesday by Yoni Epstein, CEO of itel-BPO.

New services are also more advanced than data entry services and call centres. Sales support will use avatar technology, a high-tech way of interacting with customers.

“The rollout of this campaign will definitely revolutionise Jamaica’s ICT-BPO industry,” said Troy Cotton, chief operations officer of itel-BPO.

The new client is a media and technology firm which operates advertising-based websites and applications for web and mobile devices.

itel-BPO is a regional provider of contact centre management and back office services specialising in inbound/outbound sales and customer service; data entry; quality assurance management and back office support services for: the travel and tourism industry, telecommunications, online retail, utilities, health and insurance.