Our 4 Y’s

The mission of Island Outsourcers is to produce world-class service as a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) and have fun while doing it!

“Our 4 Y‘s are QualitY, IntegritY, ReliabilitY, and FamilY.”

Island Outsourcers’ unique advantage is that as a service provider all relationships will be independently-focused with a team solely working with a specific client so that the team members can be experts and provide better, and more tailored service to the end user.

Island Outsourcers 4 Y‘s:

  • Qualit-  Our true strength is an industry leading
    supervisor to agent ratio of 1:12 to ensure the
    best quality and service standards are met. The
    executive team prides itself in selecting the right
    people for the right positions and then providing
    them with the highest standards of training and
    empowering them to work effectively on or off
  • Integrit-  Each relationship will be independent
    of each other for confidentiality & efficiency;
    individual attention will satisfy the client knowing
    that their product is never sacrificed to make the
    total operation more lucrative
  • ReliabilitWe ensured that our network and
    our telephony equipment fell into the reliability
    category so that we could boast a 99.99% up
    time. Our team is also reliable and ready to
    provide exemplary customer service and exceed
    all sales conversions
  • Famil We pride ourselves by treating our team
    members and our clients like family