Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

Going on holiday is the most favorite time of year for any vacationer.  It starts from the planning, pricing, making the decision and going on your holiday.  When you outsource to a team that is located in Jamaica that is fortunate enough to live on holiday every day of life selling the dream of well needed relaxation is easy.

Our team will sell your clients the holiday of a dream by their warm Jamaican accent, superior customer service skills and exemplary salesmanship.

Having Island Outsourcers manage these functions for your organization will create better efficiencies and savings of up to 40% to 60% depending on your business needs.

Our management team has over 12 years of experience managing contact centers for the largest and best hotel chain in the Caribbean with over 450 employees worldwide.

Your business needs and customers are important and working with us will prove to increase top line revenue and more importantly bottom line profits.