– “I did a test call and hung up and one of your agents called me back immediately and did an excellent job in selling me my own product.  Very Impressive”

– “Your conversions were excellent, you have the number one sales agent in our entire company

– “Island Outsourcers all be it a relatively new entity the management team has many years of experience in the contact center industry as well as the travel industry”

– “Island Outsourcers has helped us to increase our levels of sales, customer service and assisted in creating a world-class center for our business”

– “We’ve Know Yoni Epstein for over 15 years and when he approached us it was a no brainer for him to take over our call center”

– Island Outsourcers has successfully helped up to increase our already high levels of sales & customer service”

– “I highly recommend Island Outsourcers and a partner to any business”

– “In house we couldn’t manage the demand or provide the customer service, but by outsourcing it to Island Outsourcers we’ve been able to start providing Unbeatable service”