Our Hiring Procedures

  • Highly qualified and experienced Recruiting Team
  • Hire specialized recruiters with HR or Psychology degrees
  • Exceptionally streamlined recruiting process
  • Very organized and structured to meet the needs of our clients from sourcing/screening to selection
  • Mandatory Visual Compliance Check
  • Further reassures we are not hiring persons named on any international blocked list, not just in-country lists
  • Profile Assessment: partner with client to understand and create job-specific profiles
  • Language Assessment: accent naturalization and Language Institute Programs
  • Skill Assessment
  • Interview assessment: behavioral interview questions tailored to the candidate and client specifications

Sourcing  Strategies

  • Local Newspapers
  • Local  and National Online Job Boards
  • Robust Referral Program
  • Job Fairs
  • Social Networks
  • Student Talent Pool: Universities, Colleges, and ESL institutes
  • Branding/Marketing Initiatives