Inbound & Outbound Solutions

This is the primary focus of Island Outsourcers, contractually working the inbound & outbound phone calls and handling them in a manner consistent with the client’s set guidelines.

With the advent of digital telecommunications, people have become familiar with calling into call centers for reservations. Call centers are now synonymous with handling complaints, customer service issues, making phone orders, and more. Originally, this was handled internally within each company, but it has steadily migrated into specialized business process outsourcers.

Business Process Outsourcing operators are able to provide service levels at more favorable costs, allowing the clients to focus on their core competencies.

These calls are primarily one of the following types:

Sales & Reservations: One of the most common types of contract, the sales agent interacts with the client, usually through a combination of onscreen sales scripts or in-depth training.

Order Adjustment: These agents are acting in a customer service role working with the retail customer to modify existing orders. These agents are more likely to interact with customer systems and must be highly trained in the sales process of the customer in order to modify orders accurately and efficiently.

Complaints: These agents handle all the negative customer service calls and must effectively deal with consumers who are at times, irate, while also steering them toward contractually approved resolutions. This is a very demanding role and often requires extreme off script training to guide the caller to a resolution and simultaneously preserve the credibility of the client.